Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Logic vs Emotions

There were several wars inside me all these times, logic vs emotions. I love to feel, but logic always tell me to avoid.

Someday during July of 2010, I tried to be honest to myself, but logic told me to deny, and so I didn't manage to get my hope.

After several months of cold war, it finally came to my last night at Sydney.
Once again, I tried to be honest to myself, and it worked, but just too late, because it wasn't emotion asked me to be honest, it was logic who drives me. Which put an end for the wars, both logic and emotions lost from the war!

About a month ago, I realised someone actually facing a similar war as I were, but the wars is more complicated then ever, it wasn't just logic and emotion, but there are logic, emotion, and pain!

If there were fates, I think fate is trying to tell me something, sometime I could be part of someones dream, I will never always be the one who ruins other's dream, and I should always listen to my heart.

I am afraid of ruin people's dream all these times, so I'd rather choose to destroy mine, and I thought this won't hurt anyone, but at the same time, I killed all the possibilities, including the possibilities of being part of other's dream, and hence I ruin other's dream.

If the point of the war of Logic vs Emotions is trying to avoid ruin others dream, then both of them are losers of the war.

So, if you like a person, LIKE ge jeh; if you love a person, LOVE ge jeh!
Don't avoid your feelings, because that is when the pain comes!


John said...

Amazing post mate.
Really made me think!


Cheong Ho said...

John, I am glad you like the post!