Monday, May 31, 2010

The Loves

I don't know about you, but every time when I look at my own childhood time photos, especially the baby time photos, I can always feel the love from my parents. Although I barely remember what happened during the time, to be honest, I don't remember it at all, because these photos were taken during 1988, when I was only 1 year old, and don't think I can expect myself to remember. However, somehow, there are feelings which I can feel, just by looking at the photos, which is like a trigger, which cause some part of my raw emotion being awaken, and this even happened when I was young (young as in a child). And I think, this is what we called "love".

I must say that I am lucky that I wasn't born in a complicating family, and I appreciate that I was raise by love, and live by love. By looking back myself as a baby, I can actually feel there required tons and tons of love to raise a person like me. So, every time when I have this feeling, it actually gives me the power to move on, to keep working. And from memory, I can still remember my mom smile every time she looked at the photo above (the mini-yawning photo). Yes, I used to sleep early, and wake up early since I was a baby, and the same habit still happen to me.

Also, I still remember I used to stick with my father, its physically stick with him, because my father was working at Indonesia since the 40 days after I born, and back then I can only meet him 2 weeks for every 2 months. Well, to a child, 2 months are like 2 years, so you could imagine. As time passes, I already forget since when I was having the generation gap between my father and I, maybe this just happen when a child grow up.

About my mom, she is my first lover, definitely. And I am the one who used to stay in the kitchen, and keep asking her about cooking skill and food (but I rarely try those skill), just because I like to eat, and I eat a lot, also because I am the one who always wake up early, unlike my brother and my sister. Yes, I am the outlier!

My point is, the love from parents, are buried right inside everyone, it is a raw but pure emotion, which is a gift we should appreciate, and a power to keep us move on, and I would like to thank again to my parents.

Dad, mom, I love you!

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