Sunday, August 30, 2009

Energy Drinks

There is something I want to say about energy drinks. Well, I've been start drinking energy drinks since last semester, and it seems like I have been drinking it the recently, hope it doesn't cause me to continue drinking it, if it does, then I am no different than a smoker, and even worse that these drinks aren't good for heart, people might get heart attack by drinking too much.

However, I can feel there is some symptom appear to myself if I didn't drink these energy drinks, I just keep on yawning during class. Hmmm, that might because of the classes are mostly afternoon class, but it happens in morning class as well, why am I yawning during the math lecture???

Arrr, hope I could stop this, but I just finished another bottle of "Mother" while I am writing this post, isn't that funny that I just said that I wanted to stop but on the other hand that I just finished another can of it. Well, men's words are unreliable, always~!

About the taste of the energy drinks, all I could say it taste nasty, but that's how it works!? It is just like you have fun with a girl in some night, then about 14 days later, the girl just visit you and tell you she is pregnant, where you are still seeking more hope. Then, several years after, when you woke up in the morning from your "sweet-spring-dream", and you just see your wife when your eyes open....

Wow, Heaps of Energy!!!

That's how the energy drinks taste like! (A Creepy-Good-Morning)

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