Monday, August 17, 2009

Basketball Dream!!

Yo, How ya doing??? Here I am going to share my July holiday with you. July Holiday, I have been playing basketball almost everyday in the July, which have fulfilled the promise that I made with my teammates, several years ago, I am glad that we made it! (Mates, shout "YEAH!!!" when you see this!)

Back then in high school, basketball was once our dream, we actually did hope that we could make it to some competition, so we went to buy the gold jersey for our team. Unfortunately, the 10 members of the Golden Team have never show up together; the photo above is the most complete attendance ever where there was only 1 member absence. Also, the team actually has never been to any competition at all except the 2 friendly matches.

After that, we graduate from high school, it was lucky that we still keep playing for another year, where almost everyone from the team was studying out town. However, some of them from the team begin to quit in the year after. Well, I was first feeling upset when they quit, but after I left Malaysia, I finally understand that how heavy the work in university was, and since then I stopped playing basketball, too (well, I did play occasionally, but not much!).

As time goes on, I was only playing basketball when I got back to Malaysia, but not much still. At the mean time, Victor Chua (who is in the picture as well) was asking me for the Malaysian Society Match for the past 3 years, and I rejected him in the first 2 years, because I was so in trouble for my studies. Until the first half in 2009, I finally say yes for his invitation, and so then I am back in action, but not fully, because my weight has grown from 80Kg+ to 110Kg+, also I have not been playing for so long, all my moves were basically gone, not to mention my stamina. So, I was only more on to participate rather than playing hard for the game, and by the moment when I reach the indoor court in Sydney University, my motivation seems back, but my body couldn't follow up with the motivation, and then I perform badly in the match.

Well, after the match, I was busying on my studies, again, as usual. And finally, I got my July holiday. There wasn't any plan when I went back to Malaysia, it just that Tze Shen (The guys who with the darkest skin in the photo) asking me to play basketball 3 days in a roll, and then we just can't stop playing it!! (Well, at least I am!) Although I've lost all my moves, and have been scolded by him in every match, but that's just make all my motivation back!

After 3 years of struggling from studies (also the lonely single life), I finally found the thing I lost, and I don't want to lose it again.

By the way, I am surprise that many of my friends said that I look thinner than last semester, that's also part of the reason why am I continuing playing basketball! Weight is what I want to lose (so that I could achieve slam dunk someday, what a beautiful excuse! hehe!)!

Next match, The ASSOC Basketball Match!!!

(Of course there are a lot more about my July holiday, maybe I will tell you next time)


ChenChin said...

Do u know u have played an important role for MSA in Malaysian Sport Carnival?
Yo, let's go for ASSOC match!! hope that we could get back our moves, steps and accuracy asap =)

Cheong Ho said...

Well, everyone in the team are important, but just that I perform quite badly on the match! I should have performed better, but too bad my stamina not enough~~