Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The 7 Dwarfs!!

Remember there was a post which I was talking about my 80's brother gang??? Now, I manage to find some photos from my mom's photo gallery, which my mom call the photo of the 7 Dwarfs!Alright, is time to introduce them again!

This is my eldest cousin brother

This is my 2nd elder cousin brother
This is the 3rd!

This is my brother, he is the 4th!

The Guys at the left is my 5th elder cousin brother!

This is my 6th elder cousin brother

And this guy, I don't think I need to introduce him...

Alright, now is time for me to tell you a famous bed time story. Once upon a time, there was a queen who has a magic mirror.......and snow white escape and run to....and the snow white meets the famous 7 dwarfs!! (haih, I don't bother to tell you the detail about the snow white story, YOU know better than I do!)

And, yeah, these are the 7 dwarfs which you should be familiar from the Disney version of Snowwhite!!
And about 20 years ago, there were 7 dwarfs exist in a village call "Cold Stream", and the 7 Dwarfs are just as shown in the photos!!!

Yeah, there the 7 Dwarfs!!! And Do you know which one in the photo is me (and so for the others)?? Am I still as cute as I used to be?? (say yes!)

Wow, those good times~~~!


Yen Ling said...

Where is the Snow White??

Cheong Ho said...

haha, there is no snow white!
only the 7 dwarfs~~!