Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fate and The Love Function!!

Well, due to the case I said before, my "The Concept of Understand Her" consist a concept dilemma, which I didn't state in the assumption of the concept, and also that I haven't think of this case when I was writting the post.

At first, I would like to define what "fate" that I am telling here. "Fate" of this concept is not "Karma", neither "Destiny", the fate here is the chances of one to know the other better (in my concept, is the chances of a man could know his hope and yet continuing to have chances to know his hope better!!), well, don't think this fate like a probability, because the "Fate" itself is biased, one of the obvious reason is the more you know your hope, the more chance you could meet her, because you know where she usually would go, what she usually will do, but that's will lead something to do with the concept....

Alright, I know the "Fate" which I just define is still very general (in fact still very confusing), but hold on, I will just use function to tell you, that would make you know what fate I stress on. Well, I wouldn't tell you what a function is, you may just search it from wikipedia or books(function as in the mathematics's definition!).

So, now I am going to tell you what is the relation of between fate and hope. Hope, how get to know the women is your hope?? Well, there are many reason, but surely, one of the cause is because you got a chances to meet the woman, and hence some of your hormone and other biochemistry inside you, telling you that "I like this girl!" and hence this is part of the effect of "fate", in fact that is the beginning of the fate. So, you got hope by a fate, and also because of fate make your girl become your hope, so this "falling in love" action is a function with 2 main variables, which are "hope" and "fate"!!!!

Ok, so I would call this function "Love Function" (I just simply call it, don't think too far, I know there are many kind of loves in the world, but just ignore the others but the love between a man and a woman). So, the love function is a multi variable function, and we will just focus on the two main variable here, which are hope and fate. So, since hope cause by fate, and fates will be desired because of hope, so actually, hope can be written in function of fate, and fate can be written in function of hope as well, but surely these 2 functions are not inverse of each other, since there are still some other factors will need to consider as well, but is not significant at this stage. (Well, not going to talk about the partial differentiations of Love Function, because that would make the reader feels more confuse).

So, actually, the cause of concept dilemma, because the hope itself and fate are dependent on each other, so actually when you want to apply the concept, if you and your hope got no fate, then actually you are not able to apply the concept, because you don't even got a chance to meet her, or further more, you have no chance to understand her....

However, once you got more information about your hope, then that will increase some of the fate, but since fate itself is a very complicating function, so when you know more information about your hope doesn't guaranty there will have significant increase in the fate between you and her (sadly, but true...).

So, fate actually is a very complicating thing, because it is biased, and it cannot determine by something, but luck (that is one of the variable which cannot be solve by anything but it just happen there...)! So, got hope no a sad thing......

Ok, lets back to the concept, when you have no fate with your hope, actually you cannot apply the concept at all, since there is no approximation when you don't even have chance to meet your hope again, the hope vector doesn't exists! (but how could that be called "got hope, no fate" when the hope vector doesn't even exist???) Well, that is because the hope vector itself is a function of hope and some other factors including fate (remember, function can represent a vector, depend on what set you define), once a fate is zero, actually the hope vector is a zero vector (hence you got zero hope about your dream girl..sad), because you know nothing about your hope but just her in your memory and in your dream......

Finally, I would like to say something to the fate function and hope function. If fate is zero, then hope function is zero, but not true to the other way round, because of the other factors in the fate function (especially "Luck").

Alright, just try to write something on fate, that's what I can say now....hope you understand it!!

Last word, Fate and Hope are very complicating thing, and hence Love is a very complicating thing by the Love Function!!!

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