Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lousy Brother....

Sister was in love, and I know nothing about it!!! I am not surprise, since I barely care about my sister, but I only care if she is OK with the math and science....(well, I do care about her, but not that much, because I myself is in trouble recently, start losing the topics of the 4 maths I am taking, BIG TROUBLE!!!).

This is something very common among my sister, brother and I, we never discuss about our relationships with one another, because my brother is too old (psychologically compare to me), and my sister is too young (psychologically and physically), and also because our family is quite traditional with this topic, so we NEVER discuss this at home with family, and I guess we WILL NOT going to tell even after few years from now.

Recently, I am losing interest in MATH, Yes, M-A-T-H-E-M-A-T-I-C-S!!! I think it because I have not put any effort in the units, and I have became lazy due to no tutorial in 3-rd year.... Half of the semester has passed, and I just want to say that I don't understand the topics, mostly!! And, I have not start the catch up but just trying to finish the assignment without learning the things by heart!!!

Shame...... after 4 years, I insist to my parents that I wanted to study Math and now finally I get it, but I have lost interest to it....JUST be honest, I don't feel like doing anything at the moment, all my brain is thinking about rest and play....I won't give any excuse on it, because I should be responsible for my own self-control after the summer break.

So, I am planning to catch up my work during the mid break, hopefully my spirits will be back!!! And hopefully, my little sister will cheer up and so is my big brother!!!

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