Sunday, December 7, 2008

Music and Math!!

It is question that I wonder long long time ago, how musician write a new style of music?? Is there any relationship between maths and music??

There is a reason for me to wonder that, because I know nothing about music other than just hearing it (not to say 'listening', I am not that good...). I wanted to know how the musician write a song, since music unlike essay or story, for music, there maybe some theory or something which I don't know behind it. ( I suppose essay and story should have theory too, but is rather random than music, I think!!)

And the second wonder, is there any relationship between maths and music?? There is reason for me to wonder that too, because when we study math, we are study the generalisation of patterns (Am I defining it right?), and music, you can see many pattern in it!!! That's why I wonder if there is certain math involve in music??

In fact, when I check out the Harmonic Function and Harmonic Series in Wikipedia, I do found the relationship between music and math!!! Yes, Mr.KL, how can I forget that Fourier Series can be use to store the information of sound, and in fact it can be use for music, too (but more in physic and computing...)!!

Well, actually the article is quite long, and they use many terminology which I don't know what is it, but surely I know there is relationship between music and math!!! Which is SO GREAT!!!!


ice_elf said...

haha.. mr Ho, i think there r no realation between music n maths.
from my shallow knowledge,
music is more related to story.
they r only 3 basic patterns
classical, jazz and pop.
and in fact they r made of phrases (for instruments only i mean with out song) the phrases in pop can be seen obviously from the lyrics.
and the lyrics IS a story ^^

music is made of combination of sounds that give you certain feeling for example the mellow song gives a flowing feeling that makes u relax and sometimes you can see how it flow in the partitures (in ur world, this is more like the graph =P only for certain musics that is obvious tho, the others are a complicated graphs that not everyone can see it easily)

another example, when u watch action movies, it was the music that makes u get excited, same as the other feelings in a movie.
so if u wanna know typical sounds that makes you excited, think it's funny, romantic, scary, etc etc juz notice backsound in movies.

in pop, the music can juz be a rhythem like a backsound in your movie and/or a background for the story setting.

in jazz, the only difference is that they allow (in your world called) random variables.
since in music everything have a super strong rules, so all of other type on song can't hv random variables.
even not everyone can listen to pure jazz coz not everyone is comfortable with uncomfortableness

another thing in music, even tho they follow specific basic pattern doesn't mean they can't make i sounds like other patterns.
well in your understanding,
it's like a character in a story that is actually bad but they can look good in a detective, unfinished end or thriller movies.
only the writer knows the character well but the the audience hv to figure it out themselves if the writer don't tell em. ^^

hopefully it explain u well enuf bout music

Cheong Ho said...

WOW!!! Never expect such a long reply!!! Thankyou for the explaination....

well, is quite dissapointed to know that there is no relationship between math and music...

but for me to think of the relationship, is because for some music, there is certain style in it, and sometime there is some repeat and slightly changes for the same "theme", like the background music we use to have in the movie, is all base on one main theme music, which I think when they wrote those musics, might have some formular (not the formular as math formular) to express them

so, from there we can see pattern, but just dunno if the pattern can be generalise or not...

what I check for the Harmonic series, they is something do with the Fundamental of Sound (or pitch...) or something which I dunno what it is, but surely I can see there are many math involve in there (and I saw the word Fourier Transform!!), and I thought there is really some math involve...

However, I think music might really have certain math involve, but more in the technical side, maybe!!!(no offence)

Furthermore, when I check out the pitch stuff, I saw something in natural log and something inverse relation stuff, I think if music really have relationship with math, it probably will be in Applied Math side, but still, for anything deeper, I dunno how they related...but should have some relation,(I still insist!!)

Moreover, I thankyou for your explaination, though I am not quite agree there is totally no relation between them!

ice_elf said...

yea, the pattern can be generalise by the feeling that it wanna express.
but that's all.

Cheong Ho said...

Then, then the math will be the "feeling's math"!!! hahaha!