Friday, December 19, 2008

Finally, is safe!!!

Result is out today, I was damn nervous when I get inform by Kai Li (thanks again!) from MSN, which I have been waited for weeks. And, about my result for the semester, I am safe!! The two non-math subjects, I got pass, and the two math subjects, I got D, though I have already expected the math subject marks won't be satisfied, but I am happy that my GPA finally could reach 2.0(+), meaning I can change my degree to math already!!!!

However, I wanted to thank you everyone, who supported me, who helped me, who studied with me during the semester! Thank you so much for the nice and great time for the semester!!! Result in some sense control my feelings and comments for the semester, but this time is different! Even if I don't get the result as I expected, I still feel happy, because I do enjoy the semester!!! Thanks a lot!!! Still, there are 2 people who I should speak out, which are Mr.Fu Ken Ly and Ms.Kaiser Lock, thanks for your help, I still hope you 2 can be my tutor again for the coming semester, but unfortunately 300-level maths have no tutorial, so I could just treat you 2 as friend (well, I have treated you 2 as friend, long time ago!), thanks again!!!

Okay, now is time to work for my next aim (after my summer break, of course!!), the 300-Level Math Awards!! Then, able to get into Math-Honours Program!! Then, hopefully can get 1st-class honours!!! Then, Ph.D.......Then....Then....Then......get the Fields Medal..........(Okay, go too far already!!!)

Sorry, I don't feel comfortable to write at home, so I didn't get to update the blog lately, because my brother and sister are so annoying, especially my brother, keep on laughing me!!! Anyway, I will still blog when I have time (when they are not at home, hehe!!) !!!

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