Friday, December 12, 2008

The Big Crap which I mention about 2 months ago!!!

I know it is long, and will make you headache, but I want you to read my crap!!! wahahaha!~!

Well, I hope you still remember the craps I wrote in September, the concept of understand her, and the 2-D world. And when read about them, you will find out that actually there is something more I wanted to tell you, but I end up didn't finish it up, because I was stuck on something else. Alright, after the final exam, I finally re-think about the crap I stopped, and I finally get it, though is different things, but using the same concept.

Back then, I was following the 2-D model, and thinking that the whole universe should be in an equality, because if the whole universe is build up by just memory and time, then the total amount of the memory at the beginning of the universe and the ultimate end of the universe should be equal (base on the law of conversion, I guess). So, the inequality things we saw is just part of the equality, that is the main point I wanted to stress. However, after I am not sure about the closedness of the universe, I stopped...

But now, I have a different idea about this!

The first thing I wanted to talk about is Self-consciousness. What does it mean? It is something let yourself know that you are yourself (actually you don't understand what am I saying, right?), and this consciousness let yourself think and make decision. If you want an example, I will give you one. Let's talk about computer, imagine now the computer have 3 parts, the hardware, software, and the user; And think of human being as 3 parts as well, the body, the memory and the consciousness, which can be interpret in other ways as body, soul, and spirit, but I don't like to use these, it seem like I am agreeing something (no offense). And when you match the 3 parts of the computer to the 3 parts of human, respectively, you will see the user position as the consciousness, and that is what I mean!!!

Okay, just hold on, I will come back to you by this, and now we move on!

Now, let me ask you, what is the biggest thing in the universe??? And what is the smallest thing??

Well, someone will say that the biggest thing is the universe itself (here, I will refer as the total memory of universe); and the smallest thing, as we learn in science is the electron. Then, what are we (I mean human)??? What is so special about us???

We are like a function (yes, is the function f(x), hahaha!!), if we back to the 3 parts of human I mentioned earlier, then the function f(x) is the self-consciousness of us (so my "concept of understand her" holds, because a function can be represented as a vector, and actually function is a vector!!!).

Next, the question is, what are the domain, co domain and range of this Human-function??

Hohoho, I would say domain is the memory, the co domain is expectation, and the range is the action!! When we learn about function, we are like trying to map the element from the domain to the co domain via a function, and the all the mappings on the co domain, we call that range; so at here the same thing, memory is a storage of information, and co domain is the expectation, and by using the consciousness as the function, take the action, that is same as the range!! So, you good?

So what is this do with universe??

According to the 2-D world I mentioned, the whole universe is build up by memory and time, so the total memory of the past and present (also future) should be in the Akashic Record (Yes, I agree with the Akashic Record thing!!), so is the self-consciousness of everyone of us! If we follow this idea, that would mean whatever human thinks, it will happens, because we are just part of the universe memory, and all our thinking, imagination, inspiration will be just part of this total universe!!!

Hell NO!! If it does, then I won't be single by now.... I think the self-consciousness is something out of the 2D I mention, that's why human is so special, but of course it can't be represented as one extended dimension in the 2-D model, because the self-consciousness is a function!!

So, base on what I tell you so far, the universe is not in equality (even if it is closed or open), as long as the self-consciousness still there, nothing will be in equality. So, the universe is not balance, why do think the world we living in would be fair??

The inequality (unfairness) exists is not just because it is part of the equality, it exists is because equality (fairness) is part of the inequality (meaning inequality actually is the bigger set)!!!

So, hopefully you would understand and enjoy the crap I wrote here!!

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