Thursday, December 4, 2008

Aha! That's make the Thursday!!!

Ello My Beloved Friendos! How ya doing?? Guess what? I am no longer broke !!

Ms.Kai Li and Mr.Luzio

However, thanks to Mr.Luzio and Ms.Kai Li (I guess that when should I call her Mrs.T***, haha!!), who knew that I got broke, and give me a treat this afternoon! (In fact, I know that I am no longer broke right before I went to their place. Anyway, they invited me since yesterday!), the meal is nice, thanks for that!! And I appreciate that a lot!!!

Then, I went to get my hard disk back from Ms.KL, where I've asked her to keep my hard disk safe, about 3~4 weeks ago, when I was keeping on watching movies to escape the pressure of the exam (YES, that was ACCG253 which I am talking about!). Thanks once again for helping me, for keeping the hard disk, and for the semester!!! I do like to treat you a meal, but seem like I don't get a chance, which is a shame! Anyway, she is leaving tomorrow, back to Malaysia. So, Ms.KL, happy holiday and Terima Kasih a lot!!!

So, when I get back my hard disk, I try to install back my media player (where last time I told you about, where my pc can't open video file, remember?), and move those movies which I have finished downloaded during the exam period back in to the hard disk, so I could make more free space in my pc. And, I try to watch some part of the movie where I haven't been watching for about a months, and surprisingly, I get so high when I was watching those movies where I have remember so well, these must the magic of the sound effect, background music score, and visual effect of the movie, where memory won't gives you! (The real-time effect!?)

One of the movie I want to mention, is "Step Up 2", the dancing scene making me high!! Do you believe that, I was trying to dance along when I looking the scene?? Yes, I did dance along (not as good as them of course)!

The parts where I was trying to copy their moves, but I just realize my fat body just can't actually perform that moves...I think sport is something I should do when I get home!!

So after I watching so many movie scenes (the choosen nice part only), it was time to meet Mr.KL for the dinner plan!!! Aha, we went to West Ryde to the Thai Restaurant where Hyun-Mi highly recommented during last week, and in fact, the foods are nice, though there are not really taste like the Thai food I used to have in Malaysia, but I like them! And guess what, Michelle was coming to the dinner where she was once said she can't make it!! Exciting!!

Do you know when you have no worry about money and time, what else should you worry about??? The answer is the plan to deal with your money and time! And I do have the plan today, I am so happy that I want to thanks for everybody that I met today!!!

Friendos, thanks for making my Thursday so fun!!

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