Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Sunday!!

I wake up quite early today, just because my leg suddenly has spasm when I was still deep in my sweet dream, so I fell down from the bed...YES, I FELL DOWN FROM MY BED!!! Then, I climb back to my bed, my leg doesn't seem recovering, HERE COME THE SECOND HIT!!!

Walau eh, I've been suffered for a while, and start to massage my leg, slowly, and carefully, finally I feel better, then I fall asleep again....haha, I was so tired, because last night went out with friends to celebrate Mr.A's birthday, been walking around in the city (Yeah, I know I am lack of exercise!!!). Anyway, thanks for the treat, Mr.A!!! And Welcome to the 20s!!!

So, when I wake up the second time, and I look at my clock, it was 10am something in the morning, and I know I need to get up, because I haven't finished the assignment which I plan to finish on yesterday!! So, I went to wash up and this and that, then finally start to continue my assignment.

After about 2-3 hours doing work and playing pc for the same time, I just saw the clock, is already 2pm something, half Sunday gone!!!! Ding, I haven't even start to study my ACCG253!!! So, I keep myself focus to finish up the assignment, and things just come out well, I am sort of finish the assignment, but still left some part of it which I am not quite understand, going to ask for help tomorrow!

So, I keep my assignment safe, and take out the ACCG253 notes out, and plan to start to study the unit, and my phone just rang, it's Luzio!!! I was wondering if he going to ask me study ECON201 together, so I answer the call, and you know what he asking me??

Luzio: "Cheong Ho, later 4:30pm want to go play basketball ah???"
Cheong Ho: "Ha!?"

I was so lost don't know whether should I go play ball with him, or just stay there I been struggled for a moment.

Luzio: "Maybe u reply me later lah!!!"
Cheong Ho: "hmmmm, okok!!! I will let you know later!"
Luzio: "Ok lah!!"

Oh, sei loh....should I study or go play basketball??? ACCG253?BASKETBALL??253??BALL??253??BALL??253???BALL????

Haih, of course I choose to go play basketball.....(yes, I failed again....)

Then, I go play basketball loh....and suddenly Mr.A called me, when I was just put my phone into Luzio's bag, good timing!!! And, you know what Mr.A asking???

Mr.A: "Oi, you got study 253 ah??"
Cheong Ho: "I plan to do the sample exam..."
Mr.A: "Oh, meaning you've studied already??"
Cheong Ho: " Not really, but just do the sample exam loh~"
Mr.A: "You got to study first before attempting the sample exam mah, want to study together ah???"
Cheong Ho: "Oh, but now I'm going to play basketball oh...."
Mr.A: "Oh, like that later loh...."
Cheong Ho: " Hmmm, about 6:30pm lah, ok kah??"
Mr.A: "Ok loh~~"

After the call, I went to play basketball, and I think I am kind of in playing mode, because I have questioned myself this morning about what if I am going to play basketball with my leg which just have spasm (even until now I still feel a little bit uncomfortable about), how would that be??? And, yes, I got my chance to examine!!! And I should say:

"Is good to move my ass sometime!!!"

I do feel tired after the game, and you know what, that Mr.A just screw me up....haih...I have been waiting since 640pm till 9pm, and end up he telling me he is so tired...

haih...what to do??? I end up doing some little reading, and now I think I will sleep quite early today, because I haven't move my body that hard for so long, now my whole body is so tired, which is good!!! I sure got a nice sleep tonight (provided not getting spasm again)!!!

Oklah, that's my Sunday for Week 13, which is the last week of my 2nd year!!! Hopefully, I could see and feel the sunshine tomorrow!!! The whole uni needed some sunshine, because recently, it is too gloomy!!!!

"007 Vol.22 Quantum of Solace", I have read the comment for the movie, many people say the movie is not nice. I start to feel disappointed already, because that is the movie I expected the most for the year. Haih....what to do??? Change director already......why Martin just don't want to direct the whole Trilogy Bond for Daniel Craig???? Such a waste......and they say the camera is hand carry (I hate that!!), sad lah~~~

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