Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ending Two: Chaos

Haha, just finish the ECON201 exam, overall is not too bad, hopefully no surprise when the result out!! And, because last night I went to watch "Quantum of Solace" with friend... yeah I know, so have to do the revision quite late, in fact I didn't sleep much, because stomachache in around 4am the morning, might just because too nervous....

So wake up at 4 am, I was taking some rest until 5 something, another stomachache again, and I know I can't sleep anymore, so just start to do some last minute work by start reading the text book again, and everything I studied last night was gone! GONE!

Still remember yesterday I was doing ECON revision with them, and look at what face they have during the revision???

haih, then I start to write down all the formulae and draw the graph again..However, during the exam, still forgot some very important formula....haih, what to do?? Last minute work, is like that lah~~

In fact, I found it quite chaotic when I was doing the exam, just because the last 3 models are quite similar, hopefully I didn't get it wrong...

Okay, left only MATH232 and MATH236!!! Great, finally is the part I like!!! Have to work hard for these two!!! Hohohohohohoho!!!

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