Friday, November 14, 2008

可爱女神 The Cutie


When we describe a thing or a woman by using the word "cute", how actually the "cute" we mean??? I always question myself, when I use "cute" to describe a woman, do I just mean she is cute as the sense for her appearance, or something else. Maybe I'm not good with my vocabulary (in fact I am!), but I think the word "cute" could mean something more than just appearance.


What is the something else for "cute" that I questioning myself?? The "cute" I mean, is something involve with more than you can describe when you look at her, which is the behaviour of her, which is so natural and just give you a feel of "sweet", and you would likely to like her very much, and that is the "cute" I mean.


Well, is not quite big different as the original definition of "cute", but the point I want to stress on is, the feeling on her behaviour, will make you likely to know her more, that is basically what I want to say through out the craps above.


And, there is a girl, when she just crossing by you sigh, and you will find out that, she is thinking something while she is walking. And from what is shown on her face, she is thinking something important. At the moment, when the wind just crossing by the gloomy afternoon, she is walking there, you will feel that she is so cute as you can never thought of.... (although you don't really know her...)


Ok, I won't do much comment on this! And That's it for the post!!

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