Saturday, November 1, 2008

Charming Lady 魅力天使

Today, I'm going to talk about a lady. She is someone I was not really close with, but the image she gave me is very deep-going. Well, I should say that, I myself, have made those image deep-going.


Dude, Have you ever knew someone who you don't really talk to, but you and her knew each other??
Did she ever sit beside you, and you two have never start any conversation???


However, there was a day, you accidentally add her in your friendster, and you've posted her a "hello", and that's make you two become a friend who can talk with. Furthermore, you just realize those crap you told her, just happened in the day life of yours and hers. Also, just because of that, a question of "Would this be fate?" comes into your head.


Just to be honest, yes, there was a moment I do believe that's the fate, until the day I graduate, I forgot about this fate, there was a reason, but I'm not going talk about it now (maybe some other time).


A year later, I studied at oversea, just another time chatting with her on MSN, and I realize she just studied at the same place as I do. WOW! Fate again??? No, I was just thinking that is just an coincident, because for us, Malaysian studied oversea is very common. In my first year, I do met her for once, during the party, I do look at her sometime, just because the "Fate" thing came into my head again, and I just want to say that, there is no special thing involve, so don't think too much!!!


Another semester passed, we don't chat much, on the MSN or SMS. However, there was one time, we accidentally got a chance to meet up.


It's been a while since we met each other, and on the very moment when I look at her during the meeting, there was only one emotion left, which is the same question that I asked myself many time, "Fate??".


Actually, the question wasn't so clear in my head after all, but I just found her became so mature, as myself have never changed. Well, that's make her more charming than I ever felt, and I am addicted by her in the night.


However, she can let me feel the "fate", again and again, which is so fascinating!!!
Then, of course she is my charming lady, after all~!
Wow, is this fate, again??


Sorrylah, exam is coming soon, many things just came out from my brain, that's why I always write this kind of topic.... Those normal post with picture will be back soon!

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