Monday, November 3, 2008

The 80s Cousin Brother Gang!!!

The guy at the right is my eldest cousin brother, and the little boy is my youngest cousin brother, their age different is about 30 years, I guess~~! My eldest cousin brother is the leader of all the cousin who born before/in 80s!!

My second elder cousin brother!!! Where we use to call him "Yellow", hahaha!!!! My earliest memory about him was, a tall guy....but ever since I grow taller, he is no longer the tall guy to me !!!

My third elder cousin brother!!!! He is someone who always protect us, and I didn't see him for a while.....miss him a lot, he is such a nice big brother!!!!

The guy at the right, is my brother, hmmm, nothing much to talk about.... (in fact, there are too much.....)

The guy at the right, is my fourth cousin brother!! I really have not meet him for very very long time already!!! All because of wrong timing..... He is the one who played basketball with me while I was just a basketball noob....

The big guy is my Sha Bou Heng Dai, although he is one year older than me, we are calling name of each other!!!! We two play together, grow up together ever since we don't even know how to speak!! I miss him a lot, because we long time didn't meet each other already~~That's how time make us to be.....

Of course, don't forget the cutie Me!!! The fat boy, who is the youngest among all these 80s cousin brother gang!!!! Haha, who is always been protected by all these cousin brothers during any fight in the childhood time, also someone who causing trouble all the time!!! wahahahaha!!!!

Don't know why suddenly miss them a lot, maybe I was thinking about those childhood time, which also reminds me, I have not met some of them for very very long time already, we use to be the very good brothers all along, but don't really remember when was the time we no longer having topic in common, might because all of them other than me is working, only me is the one who still studying..... And in my memory, there is a photo where all the 80s Cousin Gang was taken together, but I don't have it here, right now.

Although if we could met one another now, we might not have much thing to chat about, I miss them...... just let me dream about the childhood time tonight, I just want to re-taste those day for a while....just for a while, that will be enough for me.....just a while....

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