Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Worth It!

On Monday, I have spent about 5 hours of doing that little part of the tutorial question, and end up not doing it right. Then I try to do the other question on Tuesday morning, after I have tried the other question, I do the same question again, and I just realize that all the 4 pages of integration I have did, are all correct!!! Oh man, I have did the question for about 4-5 times, repeat and repeat, and you know what was the thing made the me think that's not right???

I have compared with the wrong answer.......haihya......which is just....just.....but worth it, so that I won't make this silly mistake again.....

Anyway, I think is time to find a new way to study liao! In fact I don't have that much of time to spend already, exam is coming! Everyone just behaving cool and nervous, the whole uni seem gloomy now, I think everyone needs some sunshine!

Now going to do my Math236 assignment 5, which is on the new topics which I haven't really gone through with, CONFIDENT! Cheong HO, give yourself some CONFIDENT!! GO GO GO!!!
GO For the HOPE!!!

Like what Louis Koo said:

" There are unlimited woman in the world, but our energy is limited. Using something limited to get those unlimited, Ha, Sure Lose!"

HAHA, someone request I write this for him to copy, so I just write it out! It is nothing to do it with this post!!!

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