Sunday, October 12, 2008

We Define The World?? I Define The World!!!

I think most of you should have heard about something like "although the person has left us, but the spirit will live forever..." and these thing just imply to the 2-d model as I described before, where the whole universe is only build by two things, which are memory and time.

However, I have a different idea now, of course this time not about maths (Don't worry, I know how heavy math is, as I saw those Mr.J said, I feel you! I feel you Deep~Deep!), this time is more about something else.

Before telling you what the idea is, I have to relate something back then when I was still a college boy, before the time I wrote "Clown Part II" (hmm, if someone interest what the story about, I would like to share, but the story is in chinese, and I'm not quite satisfy the story), I still remember, those days I just finish my spm (high school exam), and I was in the long holiday. In the meanwhile, I have promised my reader to write a part II for the story, but the whole story of "Clown" has actually going to an end, so I have nothing much to write about it.

Then, I was trying to think of some concept, also some new setting to support the new story, trying to make the story to be more interesting rather than just a complex relationship for the characters, and I just began something about "existence".

Let me ask you, what is the saddest thing about someone you like??? For me, I will say the person you like don't even know your existence, and from there, I have thought of things like the definition of the existence, physically and psychologically. Okay, Physically, we definite existence as something we can see, smell, hear, touch, and taste! Psychologically, is something we know, we feel! Base on these actions, we define existence, for physical, I think I don't have to explain much. However, the psychological definition of existence is what I interested.

So, I have began the story of 6 years after the main character died (forget to tell you, the story is written in first person form). So, I was trying to use something like between "exist" and "not exist", and create a character which lies between these two side, also a character which lies outside these two sides. Furthermore, I have tried to think of something as I called it as "Parallel Co-existed World (共存平行世界)" (sorry if this thing already existed).

I believe there exist a parallel world, where it is parallel to the world we living in, but it is co-existing with our world. So, when we died in this world, then we will be born again in that world, and when we died in that world, then we will back to this world, and same process just keep continue forever. Also, because of this, the total amount of existence should be finite. Then, that's lead me thought about something like who made this system, and is there anything in between these two worlds, are these two worlds coincide, just because the frequency are beyond what we knew, that's why we cannot feel the existence of the other world, would the system actually have higher dimension, there are like 3 worlds or more instead of just 2 worlds, and so on...

Unfortunately, I don't manage to put all these concepts into the story, in fact I have put part of it inside the story, but not as clear as I thought of it, I should say, I failed.

Well, as today when I woke up in the morning, the assignment question still spinning in my head, I didn't sleep well again. And I opened my eyes, and I heard the sound of my breathe, when I look at my pc, everything seem just like what I saw before I slept, time seems stop while I sleep. Then, that's how I got this different idea. Still remember what I said in the first line, "although the person has left us, but the spirit will live forever", meaning even if you died, the flow of the world will still continue.

But, how the hell you know that??? What if the flow of the world really stops after you died??? What if the world is really rotating with you as the centre??? (Please don't take the literature meaning). As a fact, no one knows.

So, if the fact that the world will stops when you died, then "existence" is just something you define as it is. The girl that you like, is just someone you define as she is. The love is something you define as it it. Also, the world, is just as big as you know.

If what I said in the previous paragraph is true, then how could we define something like "it exists, but we don't know", then I will tell you, whatever you knew until today, is something you have defined ever since you can define things; something that you don't know, is because it has not been define in your memory, but you suspect its existence, unexpectedly. However, this is just a guess, please don't argue if you really disagree about it.

After all these craps,the main point I want to stress on is, if the world is really just as big as you see, then make it nice, define more beautiful things rather than just sadness. Remember, when you define there is hope, HOPE IS THERE!!!

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