Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wah, your life is so simple!!

Tuesday, Dinner time

Mr.A: Today is your favorite day? why is that?
Mr.S: Because today have only maths classes, so I don't have to think of other thing, of course is my favorite day!
Mr.A: Wah, why your life is so simple???
Mr.S: Simple? did I? Maybe, yeah, recently, I have been just talking about girls and maths only...too much??? I don't think so!
Mr.A: You go look at your blog lah!!! Almost all of them are maths!!
Mr.S: hahahaha~~~~those things just came into my brain, all the time. Let me ask you, what will you think of, when you see the letter "i"???
Mr.A: No idea...
Mr.S: Well, during the ACCG253 class, is very usual people will think "i" as "interest rate", but "imaginary number" will just straight come to my mind.
Mr.A: That's because you got take different course mah....
Mr.S: Then what will you think when you see the letter "r"???
Mr.S: Well, for me, I will think of "radius".....
Mr.A: .............

Sorry lah, recently, I'm too addicted by the subjects I'm taking, I will try to write something without maths (and in short) next time lah~

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