Tuesday, October 21, 2008

美丽女神 Pretty Woman


Last week, I received a comment from a female reader of this blog, she just claimed that the things I writen here are very man chauvinism, and was using math to express those contents somemore. When I heard the comment, I was not surprise, because I did consider about this kind of comment when I wrote those things. Actually, those things were writting in my point of view as a man, and somemore is written in the first person, of course is very subjective and egocentric, but in fact I'm not being man chauvinism. If I was using a imagine "women's point of view" to write things, then only you can call me man chauvinism!! So, please don't misunderstood me again. ( I know YOU will still critize me, but I just want to tell you that, all these things are just from what I think, if you still call me man chauvinism, then I can say nothing, but sorry loh~~)



Alright, Let's back to the topic - "Pretty Woman".

I would rather accept that if you call me "shallow" rather than "man chauvinism". Yes, I see things by appearance, esspecially when I look at girls! I will not look at the girl if she is not pretty, that's how I behave! (I'm just being honest!! However, I will only behave like this to those girl who I don't know, not friend! That's why I never comment about the appearance of my female friends! Of course, comment on photos are not counted....)



Anyhow, today, that's a lady who made me feel sorry of my behaviour, is not good to write her name out here, but I will share the reason why she has became the "Pretty Woman" of this post.

She got a tired look today, but she didn't forget to make herself tidy. When you first look at her, you can feel she didn't sleep much last night to finish up her works, but on the other hand, you can feel that she is well-prepare for her class today with her confident smile. Also, when she speaks, you can see how much effort she put in for the class, and that's just impressed me a lot, and made me feel sorry about my behaviour...which also make me feel that, this kind of lady is those who make us, man addicted, not by appearance, but from how much she cares about things....wah, respect lah!!!


Lady, of course you are the "pretty woman" that I want to tell!!!

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Chicken said...

Man chauvinism. Lol. Things that are expressed in a subjective form should be taken as it is, subjective. Not everyone will share your opinion, but what's important is you elaborate on it and explain why you wrote certain things.

I, however, dislike those people who stereotype. Like some girls, they just go, "Guys are jerks", and expect us to take it as it is. -_-'