Friday, October 10, 2008

Haih, Inequality.....

Recently, I have been using triangle inequality very often, for my assignments, and now going to use the inequality for some crap. (Yes, math again! but this time not quite~)

Ok, got to tell you what triangle inequality is. First, when u draw a triangle, what condition you need to draw a triangle?? Dunno what triangle is? haih....triangle polygon with 3 sides....(would that be a good exaplaination??) Nevermind, if you really dunno what triangle is, go put the word "triangle" in to google, then u will see a very nice diagram....

Alright, back to the explaination, what condition you need to draw a triangle?? Back then in college, I have been asked by the lecturer, and I just couldn't anwer the question.And now I'm going to tell you, the condition is, the sum of the length of the 2 sides must greater than the length of the 3rd side, and that makes the triangle inequality (I know there are many ways to prove this...but chill..).

Next, going to teach you some chinese word:

"男" read as "nan2", which means "male"
"女" read as "nv3/nyu3", which means "female"

Yes, going to tell you something about male and female again, but until this stage, I think most of you already know what am I going to tell you , but hold on! Something nice is coming up!

Now, please load your memory back to your high school ages. Do you remember when was your first time telling someone that you like her?? And the girl just rejected you as the reason of "I want to focus on my study now, so.....(this part has been erased by my memory), sorry", but on the other hand, she just go date with other guy. Haih, those sweet memories (?), and that's where the triangle inequality involve.

Before telling where the triangle inequality involve, do you know that in chinese word, the combination of 2 men 1 woman, also 2 women 1 man, will give some new words? And there they are:

男+女+男=嬲 (niao3)
女+男+女=嫐 (nao3)

both words have the same meaning as "to make a fool of", but for the "嬲" (2 men, 1 woman) have one extra meaning as "feeling tumult, confusion, disturbed, misgiving, unhappy.......etc", and that's also a part of triangle inequality. See, in the first line, the sum of number of man is greater than the number of woman, similarily for the second line, just interchange the man and woman, that's triangle! However, that's not the way I want to emphasise the triangle inequality, I'm going to use a different approach.

Think of yourself, your dream girl, and another guy (your enemy!!) as each side of a triangle. Let's make that an event, say, a ball. So, you and the another guy are trying to invite the girl as a partner for the ball, so the situation is like there are two lines, where they are trying to sum with the 3rd line to be the greater side of the inequality. So, whoever gets the hope, who will be sucessfully be the greater side.....and in fact, me, myself, was the the lesser side.

Anyway, the relationship triangle is something always making you unhappy, because they will be someone gain, someone lost, there is no win win solution. And I think that's make the basic problem which leads to choices. Finally, I just want to say one last thing about triangle.

Triangle, DAMN You lah!

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