Thursday, October 30, 2008


David: 喂,刚才你的女神也有出现啊!
(David: Wei, just now your goddess went there too!)

HoHo: 女神?
(HoHo: Goddess??)

David: 呢,那个啊!你整天都去找那个叻~!
(David: The one you always visit!)

HoHo: 哈?边个啊?
(HoHo: Ha? Who?)

David: 没事了…
(David: Nevermind...)

HoHo: 边个啊??你讲啊!!
(HoHo: Faster, tell me, who is that??)

David: 我系指XXXXX啊!
(David: I mean XXXXX !)

HoHo: 哦,她!她几时成了我的女神?
(HoHo: Oh, her!! Since when she became my goddess??)

David: 那你每天都找她帮忙,她还不是你的女神?
(David: You always go find her, isn't she your goddess??)

HoHo: 那我也每天去找XXX帮忙啰,那他岂不是就变成了我的“男神”??
(HoHo: Hey, I do find the other guy too, well then he also became the Goddess of mine??)

David: (扑在桌子上)哈哈哈哈哈哈哈!!!
(David: (head on the table) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Well, those who can't read chinese, I'm sorry, this conversation suppose to be funny, because I was speaking cantonese with David, and it suppose to be funny....

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