Monday, September 22, 2008

We are living in the 2-Dimensions world!!

Before I start to explain what I mean "2-dimensions world", I think most of you might doubt, why 2-D? why not 3-D?? Aren't we suppose to live in the 3-D world?? Cheong Ho, are you mad??Cheong Ho, have you eaten ur breakfast??? or etc etc.....

(Some might even said is 4-D, but just dun argue ba~~Terima kasih!!)

YES, you are definitely CORRECT, I'm mad, and I have eaten already, thanks for the concern.....No, I mean YES, we are living in 3-D world, we are physically living in 3-D world,but that's not the "LIVING" which I'm talking about. I'm talking about something which is more precisely true for every human being, and furthermore, everything in the universe....(WAH.....I know is very geng....but calm down, going to tell you soon!)

Just let me explain the 3-D world where we are physically living in. Three-Dimensions mean we having 3 spacial axes, where we usually call them x-axis, y-axis, z-axis, each axis is a frame of references for represented where the position for a certain object. (I really dunno how to explain these 3 axis in a better way, back then I've been trying to explain this to my brother, and he just cannot understand what was I talking about.....haih....), an easy way is to look at a cube (if you dunno what cube is, I will say a box! A Regular box!), where u got length, width and height, each one can be represent by the x,y,z axis. And that is good enough to represent the 3 spacial axes.

Okay, that's all the explaination I got for the Three-Dimensions World (that's my limits....sorry...).Well, let's back to the topic, the 2-D world I mean, it is more precisely descibe what do we mean "LIVING" actually is, and that's the begining of this 2-D world.

First, there are 2 facts, first we are existing inside time, so one of the axis is time, for convenient, I will make this axis as the horizontal axis, and for time, is strictly positive. No surprise for this, I suppose.

Second fact, haha, that's the most special thing for the 2-D world, the axis is an imaginary line, where all the numbers are imaginary, but sometime it can be real as well (Dun worry, I will tell you why) , and the name for this axis is "MEMORY (记忆)". YES? Surprising mah? I know it sounds strange, but think about it, memory actually is the representation of living, in certain time memory=live, memory is the proof of one lived, also what one living is. And this axis will be the vertical axis, it is strictly greater than zero as well. (you will see why, hehe!!) Also, in my believe, the whole universe is build by memory, memory is everything!! Like the knowledge we knew about the nature, day, night, bright, dark, how the planet surround the sun, anything, everything, they are all build by memory!!!

So, one real axis, one imaginary axis, we got a COMPLEX plane here (although it is 1/4 of the complex plane only....), which really a good name to represent the world. YES, we are living in a complex world! (No Doubt!)

(you might need to check out what imaginary number ,real number, and complex number are...try to check it out, they are fun!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Chi-Mui-tachi, dun laugh!!!)

Alright, there are few rules to take account before I start to explain this 2-D world:

1. The curve in this model will never touches the 2 axes except the starting point, the origin.
2. Generally the curve is growing positively, because as time increasing, ur memory will increases too, but it will not increasing smoothly, will be oscillating non-systematically all the time, because you will forget something sometime, ie: math, formulae, physic, econ, girlfriend's birthday, boyfriend's birthday, etc etc etc.....

Okay, from these rules, we know that there is a continuous curve in this complex plane; it is define as continuous, because I assume you are living "continuously" with respect to time.

Next, what I want to explain is, why the curve will never touches the axes except the origin. For the memory axis, because time will only increase, never decrease and will never stop. Similarly, the curve won't touches the time axis, because your memory will never be zero except by the time you exist (not only born, I mean exist, when you start to be define as living being!!hehe!), ie: the memory of your basic need, like breathing, blood flowing, there are all the thing you take for granted, but these are still part of your memory.

Moreover, there are still some special cases to consider, but they are just too many, but I believe this model still hold for those cases, so not going to say about it.

Finally, when is the memory axis will be real?? It will be real, when you remind about all those memory of your life, then the memory axis will be real, because they are actually existed. So, when the axis become real, the curve will become what we call "path" in math236, so is this, those paths are memory where you will think back, a "MEMORY PATH (回忆)"!!

So, we are exactly living in the 2-D world, a world with only time and memory!!! Where memory could be imaginary or real...

And my advice is, make yourself a good memory, always!!!

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