Thursday, September 25, 2008

Theory of Hope

No Leng Lui, No Hope,
The World Is Full of Hope,
As Long As You Live, There Is Hope!!!
I do notice there are some people still dunno my Theory of Hope, so now I'm going to explain it formally. Theory of Hope, it more like a believe than just a theory, because they are the thing which keep myself think positively rather than staying in depression back then in my college time. The second line is the first thing I think of, and the first line was coming out accidentally with my friend, and the third line came out not long ago (Yes, Kar Wai, the time when I comment in your blog!), then I just group them, and call them "The Theory of Hope". So, I'm going to explain the theory, line by line. And an important thing before the explanation is, this theory is specially used for those who have negative thinking....(for positive thinking person, I don't think you need can get rid of your sadness!!)
No Leng Lui, No Hope
"Leng Lui(靓女)" is mean "pretty woman" in Cantonese, but to make it general, mean something pretty, nice in your life. If you think your life have nothing nice, then there will not be any hope at all. So, the point is, always think of something nice will happen, then there will be hope! In my own point, pretty woman is something nice to me, so I just keep the word "Leng Lui" rather than change it to "pretty woman".(No offence, pretty is a very subjective thing!)
The World Is Full of Hope
Well, clear and direct! If you think of something nice will happen, there are hope everywhere!! Just like a break up, a break up meaning you got to find other hope! There is something you should give up, then only you will gain something better! (That's cost and benefit)
As Long As You Live, There is Hope!!!
Everything in long term are variable, human is not going to live alone forever. So, as long as you live, nice thing will happen, and that's what we call hope!
So, that's all the explanation for this Theory of Hope, the main point is, always think of something nice will happen (but don't take for granted!), the Hope will happen! Remember, life is short, is better to fill your life with hope rather than sadness!!! Hope is everywhere, try your best to grab the hope you want, always!

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