Friday, September 19, 2008

My eye has recovered!!! Holiday start liao!!!

Yeah, baby!!!!YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! Guess what?? My eye has recovered!!! And, my holiday has started liao!!!!

Before that, it was so scary!!!

But Look, My Eye is ok d!!!

Sorry lah, I was thinking to post some new model which I just thought of, but I think it will be too heavy if I keep on posting something like that (although I'm half way finish writting the model) . So I decide to post the fujiya dinner first, then only I will post the new model I just think of, but it might not be today...kind of lazy.....

Anyway, I'm so happy my eye has recovered!!! For those who concern about my eye, thankyou so much!!! I'm fine now!!!hahaha!!! Terima Kasih!! 非常感谢!!

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