Friday, September 12, 2008

My eye got blood!?

Well, I was suppose to update about the M.Fest event which was held on sunday, 2 weeks ago. But dunno y, when I was on the way back from the city, Shu Min told me, my eye got blood!? which really surprise me a lot, and I guess I cannot write the blog about M.Fest today, I have to let my eyes rest~~(I'm not even can enjoy my comics which I have just bought.....)

It's scare me when Shu Min told me at the first place~

Alright, I dun think I can write it any longer, just to tell u I will update the M.fest asap~

This photo was taken the 2nd day, it seems better, not as scary as last night's~~

And finally, I'm very very sorry loh~~~~

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