Monday, September 8, 2008

Mr.J's Treat!!!

Sorry for the late update, I just got some of the photos yesterday, and I still haven't get all of them for the event - "Mr.J's Treat" on the friday, 2 weeks ago. Sorry lah, been busy doing my assignments and study for the quiz on this friday. Dui Bu Qi lah (对不起啦)!!!

It all begins with the 3 little guys in taylor's college, they barely know one another, in fact one of them was look very jie (谢) all the time, the other one was look very ngmm song (晤爽)all the time, and one more was........................................(Let me cut out these sh*t!)................................

The 3 little guys

Untill one day, suddenly Mr.A call me, where he has not call me for a while. He told me, Mr.J is going to give us a treat, so asking me, go to the city to meet up. And guess what I was doing? I was doing my MATH232 assignment, when I was suddenly got the animal spirit to finish it, because the sunday have to go to M.Fest, and the assignment due on monday! (Yes, that's the assignment I was talking about on the previous post!! I eventually end up finishing it on Monday!)

Mr. エ (Read as "A")

So, Mr. A told me, meet at city around 6, and I look at the clock on the computer, it was only 4 something!!! Wei, u suddenly ask me to go out, of course I dun have mood to do my assignment again!!! So I just throw my assignment on the floor (where usually it is), and start doing surfing net and looking news, until 5 something, I start to take out my jacket (I haven't change since I was back from uni), and go to the bus stop. After the journey on the bus, I reach city at 6:58pm, that's just out of expected! I'm early when I thought I will be late. Then I meet up with adrian at the Chinatown, and Gary was there! (of course, because Mr.A was coming with him, by car!!uh~~~) We met up, we talk....and we talk until Gary and his girl friend and friends found a place to eat, then Mr.A and I only left, and guess what? When we call Mr.J, Mr.J is still at his house, and worse was, HE WAS IN THE TOILET!!!( and he told us the bom still cannot explode...)OMG, I've been there waiting for about 1 hour plus already, and he telling me he is still at home, in the toilet somemore!!!

Mr. エス (Read as "E-Su", I really have no idea when was Ms.W took this photo, look so angry!)

Well, we have no choice, have to wait, though. So Mr.J and I sitting in the Shopping mall, and keep chatting. And Mr.A told me that the day is the SHM's birthday (go guess the shortform by urself, is a girl, and that's not her name! :P), and she was having party somewhere at the city. So I ask him y not join the party and leave Mr.J and I behind, we will understand! He just told me one word, "No!", then I start laughing ( for no reason, maybe I just feel pity on him)!! Then, we talk and talk and talk.........until about 815pm, finally,Mr.A's phone rang! Mr.J & Ms.W has finally ARRIVED!!!

So we meet up at somewhere( I forgot where was it), then we go to this shop - Kaiten-Zhushi, a japanese restaurant, and wait at outside about 10~15 minutes, as usual, we chat "crossoverly" (usually I will chat with Ms.W, and Mr.J will chat with Mr.A, this time Mr.J got thing to tell mah!!).

Then, we go in to shop, and the shop is serving fusion Japanese food, where u can see a shashimi with mango and all those weird fusion food, and surprisingly...

They are go~~od, so go~~od! (Lau Ching Wan's Style, the guy at the right)

And then, Mr.J help me to call side order, the crab!! You can eat the crab with its shell together, which I want to try it long long time ago when I first saw it on the menu at Genting Highland's Japanese Restaurant.

Again, it is SO GO~~OD~!I have been dreaming about it for many nights after that, just like the ribs!!! I gonna say it again, SO GO~~OD!!SO GO~~~OD!!

Okay, beside that, Mr.J also order some orange and green thing,which I dunno what to call them in english (fish egg??), and the California Rolls which I think is nice and Mr.J said it isn't, well, I eat until wan tuo tuo(晕驼驼) already, that lah.....

Still, I have tried this greentea pudding with strawberry, It tastes so so only...

That's all we ate, but not counted the crab!

Actually we ate pretty much, but I was so focusing on eating them and forgot to take picture, I should have took the salmon with mango thing, it looks new to me! And also, because Mr.J told us not to hak hei (客气), order whatever u want! Then, I was so focusing eating and forgot I'm already too old to eat so much (If I'm still like myself as 3 years ago, I think Mr.J might ask me to stop! HAHA!!)

That's the bill of Kaiten-Zhushi, its total is AUS$223.20

After the meal, we went to the Blackbird Cafe, at Darling harbor for dessert, and we order 2 things, one was tiramisu, and the other one is call "Cookies n Cream", they both look delicious, but I was so full, and barely tasted how they taste, but still the feel is SO GO~~OD~, and this is the 2nd time I surrender (The 1st time was at Hurricane).


Tiramisu view from the top

Cookies n Cream

They looks so delicious for me now, I should go there once in the while, because I love desserts....especially those creamy stuff~~~hahaha!!! (now u know the problem of my body size lah)

That's the Black Bird's bill, Total is AUS$23.80

Ms.W & Mr.J

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the reason y Mr.J give us the treat, is because of his account is balance! Such a lucky guy.Of course lah, like The Theory of HOPE said, "No Leng Lui, No Hope!", Mr.J grab his leng lui already, of course got HOPE lah!!! hahaha!!

(When will I get my hope leh? haih.....)

Anyway, the foods are nice, and desserts are delicious (Although I was so full when I was eating the desserts), and the bills are very geng too. What I want to say is, Mr.Joshua Lee Han Yew, Hondo ni Arigatogozaimashita (Thankyou very much)!!!

(And I still waiting for the day when I can grab my hope!! Yohohoho!!)

Well, "The World is full of HOPE" quoted from The Theory of Hope.

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