Saturday, September 13, 2008

~~**Malaysia Festival 2008**~~

About two weeks ago, which was 31 August 2008, at Sydney. There was a festival which we call "Malaysia Festival", and this time is call "Malaysia Fest '08"(notice the " 'o8 ", which is very significant!!!) which was at the Darling Harbor, and in some park which I dun really know what is the name.

However, luckily on friday (YES, The day of Mr.J's treat, you are so clever!), we walk pass the park on the way to Blackbird, then only I know where was the venue (haih, I'm not good with direction and places, eventhough I have studied all those vector stuff.....)

Still remember the morning, I woke up at 8 something, and I was trying to take out my clothes, and go do what I usually will do when I just got awake. I go wash up, take bath, and I do some hair styling~ then I looking at the clock on my pc screen, its already 1030am!! Oh, DING Loh!!!! I have promised Li Ying, meetting up with her on 11am!! Sei loh sei loh, I'm very late already. So I just took my jacket, and ate my dorayaki (I was so hungry, and that's Doraemon type of Dorayaki), faster rush to the bus stop, and you know what happen? I just miss a 288 bus (where I usually take this bus to the city, and it takes about 35-45 minutes to the city.)!! Haih, no choice loh, got to say sorry loh....

So I send a sms to Li Ying, and telling her, I'm going to be late. And she just kindly tell me that, she is still at home. That's make me feel better, but I gonna miss Victor and Heman's 1st performance, that are the sad thing I care about, also the main purpose I'm going there. Okay, finally I ends up reaching there about 1140am.

And, Ladies and gentlements, I present you, The "Malaysia Fest '08" report from Mr.S.

This is the littel booklet about the programme on the M'Fest

When I reach the M.Fest, it was about 1150am, and I have just missed Victor's Chinese dance, and it was Girl's Chinese dance at the moment (where I have seen it during the MGM already...), so I go meet some friend, and guess who is the first friend I saw, it's Kar Wei! She was holding her roti telur and the lucky draw tickets which I have ask her bought for me, and she seem like waiting someone, and that someone was Ka Peng. So I start chatting with Kar Wei, and on the mean whil,e, I try to call Li Ying, and she was still on her way to the city. Also, I try to call Heman, but he din pick up the phone, and I also sms Ms.KL, but she didn't give me reply,too. So I end up doing nothing but start watching the show. And guess what, the Bollywood dance has just start!!! It was very long, at first they are on girls' solo dance, they dance about 3-4 songs, then only the boys appear.

As u can see, I was just right on time to see Heman's perform!!

Then, I received a call from Li Ying, and she already there!!! So I try to look around and see where is she, and she just said, " I saw you already!! I saw you already", then I just scan again, and there she is, and Mike is there too!!!!! (Told u, I'm not good with directions, geometry, vectors.....learn so well for what?)

After finish watching the bollywood dance, we were trying to walk around, and see got what to eat for breakfast. And tell you one thing, Li Ying was so excited, until she shout out the name of every food while she was passing the food stalls.

By the time when we walking around, I try to check out my phone, and I saw Ms.KL's reply. She told me, she has left there around 1130am, when I was not even there yet. Haih, I thought she was not there, because when I was trying to make appointment for consultation with her on friday, she told me she don't want to go to uni so early. So I mai thought she will be late on the M.fest, but she left there when I wasn't even there, hard to guess their behavior, ALWAYS!!! (Guess if she read what I wrote here, she will said I don't understand women enough just like the subjects which I can't get a HD!! Haih, if I understood....I won't be still single for 21years lah!!!)

Mr.S, Li Ying, and the Bollywood Dancers~(haha!)

While we was deciding the food, the bollywood dancers are there, and we took a photo together, they just look so ying!! I wish I could wear the costume one day, too~~~

After about 30minutes for deciding the food, we end up buying nasi lemak. And the queue was so long, but luckily we can chat and queue at the same time, if not, I won't be so patient to wait for it. At first, I was still thinking want to buy the roti canai, but when I look at the nasi lemak, I bought the roti canai as well.

Tiga Bungkus Nasi Lemak, dan Kaki Tangan Saya (The Hand and Leg at the right is me!)

This is the Nasi Lemak, AUS$6.50 per bungkus

Well, for this size of nasi lemak at malaysia, is only cost RM1.50, which don't even reach AUS$1, but here.....ah.....I dunno what to say other than "expensive"! And the taste, just so so, even the RM1.50 nasi lemak at malaysia is better than this.

Governer SCH (It was taken while we were on the queue)

Someone did comment something about this photo in facebook (Mr.C, That's U!!), and I just have nothing much to say bout it.

I found the shape of my body look so weird in this photo, because of the wallet and handphone in my pokets make me look so. Li Ying comment this photo on facebook, she said this is the so-like Wong Fei Hung pose, but I just found myself look so weird in the photo...(but I like the fan very much!)

Wong Fei Hung (1847-1924)

By the way, when we mentioned about Wong Fei Hung, the photo above is the real Wong Fei Hung's photo, I got this photo from wikipedia, if you are interested, u can check out his biography. He looks so leng cai, and my eyes is not as big as his.

These two photos are just to emphasise a lot of people were there, not about the dance~~haha!! In fact, you can't see the dance very clearly from the photos, is far, I know. What to do, I took the photo by my phone...

Again, this photo is mainly emphasise the lucky draw tickets (is not about my weird smile)!!

There was a lucky draw there, and I have bought 1o tickets, aiming for the Grand Prize, which is a return ticket to malaysia. However, I din't even get a can of Ayam Brand tuna, and the lucky draw tickets cost me AUS$10...haih, I got no hope......and still can't find one....that's the reason....But I do get free satay!! Li Ying, thanks for the satay~~!

Anyway, sorry for the late update for M.Fest, There is one thing I would like to say at this very last part of the post. Although the food there doesn't really give me the feel of home, the people , and the way they speak, which makes me feel like I was at home, at least during the moment. So what I want to say is, I'm very happy that I was there!!

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