Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kisses and Blueberry Pie

I just watch the "My Blueberry Nights", 2 days ago (HD version, of course!), although my mood was so blank when I was watching the movie, the show still addicted me a lot, esspecially the way of the kisses emphasised in the movie, feel so nice. And I actually can feel the kisses by watching it (bullshit!!), and the blueberry pie with ice-cream + the song.....wah! Damn, make me dream about kisses! (but no target....haih....that's just too bad....hope ah hope...I cannot see you....where are you???)

Back to the movie, it was so sweet at the last scene, where she, again is sleeping in his shop, with some cream left on her mouth.

As you can see, she is there sleeping...

The emotion of the man, is like the melted ice-cream went through the Blueberry pie.

And finally, he kisses her, and she seem like just waiting for the kiss.

And, This is another Wong Kar Wai's great movie!

(Mr.Choong Kar Wai, sorry lah! You can make your own movie too!)

That's just remind me something which I've really thought about, few years ago. Few years ago, I was so in trouble thinking of a girl (name? no thanks!), where I wasn't wanting a night, neither a kiss, nor a hug, I was just wanting to talk to her....for my sake, I was really really wanting to tell her how I feel to her, and yet not a word came out, everytime when I face her....haih, I know how bad was I....

Thanks for this, I've been so down for the previous 3 semesters, and the 1st semester results make me really lost confident of anything, I cried when I first saw the result , that was the result I have never thought of, I cried, it was uncontrol tears coming out all the way from my eyes....this was the first time I was so sad until I don't know how to do a thing, even when I was at home....

(I din't really cry eversince after 12 years old, but there was one time I cried, it was because of my 2 friends were break up, and the funny thing was, they din cry like me! In fact one of them told me, that she tears too much already....haha! I know is silly...but I just want to be honest!)

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