Saturday, September 27, 2008

~Dinner at Fujiya~

Two weeks ago, there was a dinner held in Fuji-ya, at the city. It wasn't really a special dinner at the first place, because I was just telling someone that I'll go to city during friday, to collect the books I have ordered. However, at last that's just became a special dinner, for the belated birthday for Shu Min, and the earlier birthday for Li Ying, so it was a "Double Birthday Dinner", special leh??? (In other words,it was the EQUILIBRUIM-day-for-the-two-ladies'-birthday-dinner! hahaha!!!) Anyway, Shu Min and Li Ying, welcome to the 21st, the legal age (at least in malaysia)!

On friday, I was so happy that I've finished my ACCG253 quiz in the morning and hand in the 2nd assignments of math232, and I was very exciting about what will coming up for the day (I'm already bored in watching movie in my going out will make me feel very pleased at!)

So, I was just reading somebody blog, or doing something else, I forgot...but I remember Mr.A suddenly visit me (is very rare already, he used to come to my place...), and we were chatting while I was choosing clothes (wei, dun laugh!). So after the preparation, it was nearly 5pm, and I suppose to get in to the city before 6pm, because I dunno what time Kinokuniya will be closed. So Mr.A and I ran to the bus stop, I was thought we still can do chatting while I was waiting for bus, but just too bad the bus was just right there! So, I went up to the bus, and it was about 40minutes journey to the city.
Haih, when I reach the city, I faster ran into TGV, and rush up to 2nd floor, just go to the washroom!! (haha!) Then, luckily, Kinokuniya still open. So, I got my books, and....WHAT NOW??? I have nothing to do in the city !!? Sei loh....I mai walk around loh...dunno why, when I was walking, my eyes keep tearing, probably is just too tired, or maybe is the air too dirty or some other factor. At first, I was trying to find some coffee shop to sit down, and read my book, but the shops are all no choice, I go back to QVB, and sit at the bench inside the QVB, which near the Stand C of the bus stop, and start reading my book.

I think I was there, reading nearly 35 minutes, then my phone rang, is Li Ying, she finishes her class! So telling me to meet in the World Square, in front of hugo something (sorry, I'm not good with names...) with Shu Min and Vincent, then I mai go there loh. When I reach the world square, can't really find the place they told me, then I mai call Shu Min, and she told me she is at the Coles, downstairs. And, Yeah!! Shu Min and Vincent are there!

Lovely, aren't they?

After a little wait, Li Ying reaches, but we still haven't decide where to eat...and yet we have to wait for Heman, and Joshua...where usually have to take about 50 minutes (sigma 45 minutes...hahahaha!!)

The other 2 of the first four people!!!

Then we were sitting there for about half an hour, heman reaches, and with the pass 1 hour discussion, we decide to go to Fuji-ya, and that's a very good choice....Why is that?? Because we met Adrian at Fuji-ya, What a faith.....hehe....Adrian was there having dinner with Yin Chan Gor and other friends...and Adrian also said he is going to pay the bill for us! and I just ask him not too, if not later he really pk....(although he used to pk all the time when I ask him to go out....)

Li Ying, Faizah (sorry if I spell your name wrongly, but you can sing the "Pang Yau (朋友)" very well!!) and Heman

That's me and Vincent (Shu Min, I don't understand why you want to take while I was having a weird smile!)

And the 2 camera (birthday) girls!!!

Well, these are the people who reach there first!!!

So, another small wait, we have been seated, but Joshua and Windy were not there yet! (haih...told you...that sigma is really big!) What to do, we are starving....and start ordering....

So, the lucky guys of the night were Heman and Faizah (Sorry again, if I spell your name wrongly), because their food came first, which are fried rice where I have forgotten the fried rice name...

These 2 fried rices are different, one of them I remember was call "kimchi fried rice", and the other one, sorry lah, forgot.....

Then, Li Ying's Bento comes second.

Next, Shu Min's steamboat and my seafood hot pot!

And, do you know why am I so remember which come first? Because, the seafood hot pot I ordered, the small stove was not working....haih...celaka! I was waiting for so long to ask the waitress to change for another stove!

After that, Joshua and Windy have finally reached, and do you know why am I remember so well who came first???

That's Heman, Me, and Joahua

Because I realize that I was sitting right between Heman and Joshua, which make me so difficult to eat....wah !!! I swear I'm not going to sit right between 2 big guy anymore, next time I want to sit with girls!!!! (of course, Leng Lui would be perfect lah!!)

Aiya, the wrong guy at her left!!!

This only the right one!!!

oklah, I know you all got your own partner lah....

And, that's all the member of the night!! (by the way, did anyone guessing the location of where we were sitting before look at this photo???

During the dinner, we used to talk and have fun, but dunno why sometime will came out some gap where we all just remain silent...this thing didn't really happen ever after college time, funny?? Still, I'm sure everyone have their great time!

However, after we have paid the bill, everyone just seem like after a wedding dinner, stand in front of Fuji-ya, standing there and start to chat....hahaha....and everyone just doesn't seem like want to leave.....hahaha!!!

So, after the long chat standing beside the road, we finally have to leave. So, because Shu Min and Vincent are going back to Maquarie, so I follow them. And, because Faizah is driving, so Heman and Li Ying were following his car. Whereas Joshua and Windy are going to somewhere else (Star city??)

So, Shu Min, Vincent and I were walking towards QVB, and waiting for the bus to go back. On the bus, that's when Shu Min told me, my eye got blood!!!!

Anyhow, I'm very happy to meet them for dinner, and I would say, going out dinner with friend is the only thing that I recently feel pleased at. After 3 semesters staying in Sydney, this is the first semester that I feel I'm glad to study in Sydney!!! Dear my beloved friends, I thankyou!

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