Monday, September 15, 2008

The Concept of Understand Her!!

I have thought about a lot of thing about women recently (not only recently, I suppose), ok I always thought about women, happy if I say that?? (In fact, I believe every healthy man will do)

I was trying to understand the life of women, starting from they were child, but I'm no women (that's 300% Sure, don't argue! Thanks!), and I dun have any girlfriend, obviously (that's the reason why I'm trying to "analyse" them....), so I start to understand the female around me, and start to think about it. Before I start, plz beware these are just my own view, so don't criticize me when u disagree with me~

Let start with the female around me, I'm not going to start with my mom, because she probably the hardest one to analyse, more complex than ever!(however, as long as my dad knows, then that's fine!haha!).I'm going to start with my sister. Yes, is my sister again!!

I just realize my sister have a very different high school life compare to me, because she involve more in activities, it sounds good, but there are a lot of side effect, and that's related to one of my friend, too. Who actually having some problem in her social life (for privacy reason, I'm not going to mention her name).

So, I think about the female friend around me, also the reason why are female around me is always mature than me. And I know is, they have a very different life compare to me, they have more hates, more jealousy, and more relationship experience which actually make their mental grow faster than me (than male? might consider that too)....

Like what I have been told by my mother, my sister's school life, and I found out that, they are many social problem actually happen in her life,hates and jealousy all around, even in this young age, which didn't really happen to me, even until today....(I still dunno why is that....)

Base on this fact, I'm trying to use a way which I have learn last year, from maths133 to interpret The Concept of Understand Her! (Such a strong words!)

There are few assumption before the concept can go on:

First, assume that all man are stupid, they live in the simple life.
Second, assume that all woman are complex, they live in the world that I describe as above.
Third, assume man and woman a totally different, meaning man is man, woman is woman, no 3rd kind. (Thankyou!).

So, I'm going to interpret from the man's view (for woman's view, I also dunno...because I'm no women...)

Dude, think of you brain as a very flat plane, which can be expand unlimitedly, all ur desires, characters, thinking, prediction on woman are on the plane, meaning, you are the plane (or the matrix, maybe basis, ie desire,character,etc)!

Then, think of your target/date/partner (must be woman!) behavior as a VECTOR (HAHA!!! for those who don't understand what is vector, go try to check out this in wikipedia, in simple, vector is something with magnitude and direction). As the woman is more complex, more dimension as the vector is.

Next, what we going assume is, the vector and the plane can be varied all the time, but they are not parallel initially. Which algebraically mean, the system is no solution in the first place! Literaturely, the woman behavior is initially out of the understanding of man, because man are stupid!!

So, after all these assumptions, we going to start a to learn how to use the concept.I should start with something more interesting....

In this big city, there is one man, who actually a very simple man. He lives simple, sleep simple, work simple. However, one day, as he saw the girl, and that's girl has become his target!!

As this time, a VECTOR suddenly shot through the man's desire plane! That's how the concept start to apply!! Base on the theory of hope, this VECTOR=HOPE! So in convinient, I would call the vector as HOPE VECTOR(hahahaha!!!). When the hope vector shot through (intersect in one point) the man's desire plane, the systems have no solutions of course!! Because the man knows only nut about the woman. So, the man try to meet the woman, and they start chatting.The more chatting they do, the more the man knows is, the Hope Vector seem to have a lot of dimensions, there are many unknowns still.

So, what the man going to do is, he try to imagine/predict how the woman behave, and that's where he try to approximate the solution! At first, the approximatie solutions seem very different from the fact, but after a while, this man finally found the technique what we call "projection"!! (haha!!go check out the "orthogonal projection", I know you find it get harder and harder to understand what am I talking about....) and finally he found the best fit approximation, which from the projection,there are the best approximation of the woman behavior, and I would call this projection as "understanding projection".

So, the key thing of all the crap I was talking about is, "understanding", woman behavior are like an unlimited dimension of VECTOR, if you are trying to understand them, u got to find ur "understanding projection"!! and don't forget the vector is still varying, and the desire's plane is varying too, maybe someday, you actually don't need any "understanding projection", the hope vector is already parallel to ur hope's plane, and there is solution!!!

And that's the main concept of Understand Her. However....base on the theory of hope:"The World is full of HOPE", HOPE VECTORS are all around, so dude, my advice is, choose the suitable hope vector to solve!!!! hahahaha~~~~

(I know those who have never studied the "least square approximation" would not understand the concept I was talking about, but, these are just crap, so you don't have to bother too much!!)

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