Sunday, August 17, 2008

Taylorian's Gathering at Hurricane

Last friday, we were having a Taylorian's gathering at Hurricane, which locate at Darling Harbor, where I have met those taylorian at sydney which I have not seen them for quite a while. Everyone seem the same (not the outlook), but I have enjoy this dinner a lot. For this, we have to thanks the organiser- Miss Yeo Li Ying and everyone who has attended the gathering~~Terima kasih!

In fact, this was the first time I ate the western food (fast food not counted) at Sydney where I have been here for about a year plus~! Also, having dinner beside the sea is always my dream, and my dream comes true, I really appreciate the dinner!!!

About the food, I realise I've fall in love with ribs, after the dinner, I always thinking about the taste of the ribs, but unfortunely I was so hungry the time and I forgot to take some photo of the ribs. Do u know that, I was so surprise when I first saw the ribs come to the table, it was so HUGE!!! But it tastes so wonderful!!! but at last I feel quite hard to finish the meal, because it seem like too much for me, what to do? getting old already~~

And the drinks, we have ordered 2 bottles of red wine, because we were eating red meat, so red wine is the best combo! At first, I was thinking there is no different, but after all, I was wrong! It does taste better!!!

Fake Candle and Mr. Shy Adrian

Table manners, I dun know nuts about table manner!! At first I was trying to use the knife and folk to cut my ribs, then Mr.Joshua told me to use hand would be easier, then I try to use my right hand at first, then Mr.Joshua suggest me to use left hand, because is easier to use the right hand to do other thing. Then I was trying to do as he said, then finally I was using 2 hands, it just so natural, and Mr.Joshua again stop me! Then, I know I am really not good with these western table manners....but at last still, I did something really embarrassing, but I'm not going to tell!!

Starter, mushrooms~~

It tastes so so, but we finish quite fast, because some ppl are late!!! We were so hungry !

The Father and Mother

Daughter, Elder Son, and Son

Hahahaha, I'm just kidding!!! These are the 1st 5 ppl who reach there and waited for more than abour 2 hours for the rest!!! That's y I creaditing them!!!

And then is QUN KAH FOK!!

Take ONE:

Take Two: Someone has horns!

and Take Three:

Did u realise the first guy at the right seem like want to sleep through out the 3 takes??? Nvm, he is Chee Sin, so like that lah~~~


bluejoshua said...

hahahaha... your blog damn funny la... your post and stuff...... lol :)

ice_elf said...

aiyo.. first time meh??
btw, if u wanna eat by the sea then move down to city or around unsw la =P
i'll bring u to eat at coogee,
and if u come to bali i'll bring u eat right on the beach! in jakarta also got 1..