Friday, August 29, 2008


Well, last saturday, I went to the Malam Gema Merdeka 08 (MGM08) at UNSW, which was some kind of opera show, but in a very malaysia way of presenting (definitely!). The overall show is so so, but the themes and contents do insight me some, especially the part where they show the malaysian student missing the malaysian food, which did happen in my life, and so do others.

At first, I heard from Li Ying that Heman was performing, so I'm very interested to see him to perform, so I keep on asking ppl to go. However, after that, Li Ying told me that Heman is not performing for MGM, but he is performing at the M.Fest, then I suddenly get bored...and feel like not going there, but still I went there, because is better than stay at home and do nothing during the weekend.

That's Mr.Heman And Me!

By the way, does Heman look like the vampire king - Jiong San (将臣) as shown at above,??I think except the colour is chocolate, others are just the same, so Heman is the Jiong San of the MGM!!! Damn Ying(型) LOH!!!

We didn't take photo inside the hall, actually we did, but I have not receive the photo yet. Another thing I have to mention is , the UNSW campus is damn big, big and have a lot of stairs which make the heavy guy like me, climing those stairs like a dog...

That's Her, that's Chee Sin,that's Him,that's Me,that's a Her in front,that's a Him and that's the Chocolate Jiong San

Further more, the Taylorians have group together again, and actually that's the main purpose of of going there for me. Everyone just seem like the lovely Darlie,

Yes, That's Darlie!!!

But, that's one guy, who has tried so hard, not to do the same mistake again like last time, and try to do the Darlie smile like everyone else, and I know he has tried so so so hard, and that is....

Mr. Chee Sin's smile

That's him!!! He has tried so hard, not to show the sleepy looks like last time, so he trying to use the Darlie smile, but he was so close, just THAT little bit close, then he can do the Darlie Smile, it was ju~~~st that close, then he ends up like a man smiling during having day dream.....HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Wei, dun like that lah, Chee Sin Gor is a very nice guy~~~

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