Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What my mom said is right!!!

This is what my mom told me : " once you get to that day, you will know that's the time you need to find someone..."

haih, initially I wasn't think that day will come so soon, at least will be 5 or 6 years from today, but in fact, I'm wrong. I'm actually facing the problem.

Before I swung you to the 4th dimension, I should tell you what actually I'm talking, and that's the story which I need to go back to year 2006, when I was just returned from the trip to singapore on August, where the time when I feel so nice to be a single. Eversince that day, I'm don't have mood for relationship, because when I was on the "single" trip at singapore, I'm in love with the feeling of being single, so I tell my mom that I'll not find any girl before 28 year old, maybe not any one in my entire life, because I suddenly found out that relationship is just trouble, and that's where the words came from:

Mom:" the time when all your friend got their own relationship and family, once you get to that day, you will know that's the time you need to find someone..."

I wasn't believing those words back in 2006, eventhough my logic told me that's the fact that everybody will face up one day, at least for me will not be so soon.

After that, year 2007, I flew to Sydney, and starting a "single life" here,a year have passed, the single life here, doesn't really change my thinking much, until 1 hour ago when I looking at my friend sms, and I start to feel the day my mom told me has come.

I was asking my friend to watch "Indiana Jone IV" together during this friday afternoon, and my friend told me that he is asking his girl (when I said "his girl" mean he is still trying hard to get the girl) whether she will go with him or not, and I told him , please tell the girl that he got company with him this time. Guess what my friend reply me? he reply me that , if the girl says "yes", then he will just watch with the girl, in solo. Which mean that will make me go to cinema alone if my the other friend says "no" to me. Haih, I really don't know what should I say about that, I'm fully understand how the relationship things going when comes to girl and friends. IS JUST I NEEDED SOMEONE TO WATCH THE MOVIE WITH ME !!!!

Anyway, that's not the main reason which made me feel sad about, I feel sad is because the time that my mom told me has come.....haih....sad, that's life......

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Chicken said...

Must be CMGAY.

That 任猪流 confirm say stuff liddat one.