Saturday, May 31, 2008

John Rambo

I think most of the action movie fans will know the guy in the picture, and in fact, he is the hero of every boy at my age, and all age, I believe.

I've once again finish watching the Sylvester Stallone's movie - "John Rambo"(Some might call it First Blood 4/Rambo IV). Eventhough after 20 years, he is still the same hero, who can wins the 1 vs 100 killing match. The version I watch, is the 720p blu-ray version (I'm more likely to watch the 1080p version, but I can't found one,sadly.), which really give me a wonderful weekend. After watching the movie, I'm really really wanted a Full HD TV, and a Blu-ray player with full set of HD Home theater, or just give me the whole cinema..... Imagine watching all those action movie with all Full HD quality in image and surround, is really a dream of mine at the moment. Hopefully, this dream will come true soon....

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